1. fin.

  2. Demo Tapes: 1999-2002
    Citizens Unrest

  3. Underdark Invasion From Beyond The Shadow Of The Warp

  4. Awareness

  5. Split LP
    Rations Noise / Unknown River Driver

  6. Fashionable Male

  7. Teeth Are Not Bones
    Leopard Print Taser

  8. Weights & Measures
    Heavy Mantle

  9. 4 Song Demo

  10. Sleeping On The Attic Floor
    Twin Foxes

  11. TO THE FRONT: A Live Tor Johnson Records GirlsRock!RI Benefit Compilation

  12. Closer To The Grave: 15 Year Compilation

  13. RSD 2017 Lathe Cut

  14. On Days Soon To Pass
    Tyler Daniel Bean

  15. Ordinary Lives
    Ordinary Lives

  16. Murdock Street

  17. Thick & Unwieldy From All Our Layers: A Discography

  18. Live At Dead Air
    Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir

  19. Slow Choke
    Raw Blow

  20. Veronica

  21. Dead Weight
    Sea Of Storms

  22. As Guilt Collects Dust

  23. So You've Ruined Your Life
    Weak Teeth

  24. "untitled" ep
    Death To Tyrants

  25. Things Change
    Late Bloomer

  26. Traum

  27. 3-Song EP
    Alpha Owl

  28. Martyrs & Prisoners

  29. Sore Subjects
    Best Practices

  30. Everything You Do Scares Me
    Tyler Daniel Bean

  31. 10 Year Anniversary Omnibus

  32. What A Plague You Are (Remastered)
    Weak Teeth

  33. What a Plague You Are
    Weak Teeth

  34. Fuck Now Denial
    Now Denial

  35. Different Ghosts

  36. jesuscentric

  37. Morse Zeichen
    A Fine Boat, That Coffin

  38. Facemelter
    Now Denial

  39. Always Hard
    Saint Jude

  40. 3-Way Split
    Third Death / All Those Opposed / Hulk Out

  41. Breathe Melody Bleed Dissonance

  42. Thoughts on Becoming a Ghost
    They and the Children

  43. Power to the Mountain
    Now Denial

  44. Pretty Faces
    Pretty Faces

  45. Here Lies...
    Another Dead Juliet

  46. Brothers Not Fighting
    Now Denial

  47. Rebirth of Hardcore Pride - A Gorilla Biscuits Tribute
    Various Artists


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